MCHS Class of 1961 – Guess Who

Guess Who! Pop Quiz.

It’s fun and maybe easy for those who attended the recent 50th Year Class Reunion! Play the “Guess Who” Quiz and try to guess the names of your fellow classmates as seen today. If you would like to add your photo to the quiz, please email a photo with your name to

Take the quiz and see how you score. A High score means you’re ready to run into any of your classmates on the street, and you most likely won’t call them by the wrong name. If you score Low (missing 7 out of 14), then you may want to crack open the Madison Consolidated High School senior year book and study it.

You can only take the quiz once, so look at the photos carefully. Once you submit your form, the answers will be emailed to you (be sure to include your email address below). Have Fun!


Take the "Guess Who!" Quiz.

These are recent photographs of some of your MCHS 1961 classmates. Go down the page and try to guess who they are. Answers will be emailed to you upon submission of this form.

  • Please provide your first and last name. This quiz is only for classmates from Madison Consolidated High School class of 1961.
  • Please provide your email address. We will email you the answers upon submitting this form.
  • Guess Who! Image 1.

  • Guess Who! Image 2.

  • Guess Who! Image 3.

  • Guess Who! Image 4.

  • Guess Who! Image 5.

  • Guess Who! Image 6.

  • Guess Who! Image 7.

  • Guess Who! Image 8.

  • Guess Who! Image 9.

  • Guess Who! Image 10.

  • Guess Who! Image 11.

  • Guess Who! Image 12.

  • Guess Who! Image 13.

  • Guess Who! Image 14.

  • Guess Who! Image 15.


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