Friendships from MCHS Class of 1961


1. A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

2. A person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe?

Members of the Reunion Committee have found a few photos from the past that they want to share with classmates. If you have any photos that you would also like to share with everyone on this website, please send them to us (with information about who is in the photos) at

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A Walk Through the Past…

North Madison 8th Grade Basketball Team and Cheerleaders Front Row (from left): Cheerleaders Diane Etherton, Phyllis Wilson and Patty Underwood; Second Row (from left): Gordon Dowdy, principal, Merle Lee Nay, Charles “Topper” Humphrey, Charles Judkins, Jim Slayton, Myrwin “Red” Anderson, coach; Back Row (from left): Wayne Williams, Dennis Luckett, Phil Sherwood, Ronnie Kennett, Phil Vayhinger, Gary Wells, Clifton Jackson

North Madison Jr. High Dance Front (from left): Diane Etherton, Linda Taflinger, Phyllis Wilson, Maureen McManis; Back (from left): Jack “Joco” Stockton, a WORX dee jay

Sadie Hawkins Day Dance (from left): Phyllis Wilson, Jeanne Patrick and Norma Still

Phyllis (DeVeary) Steinhardt and Tony Steinhardt
Steinhardts with their grandchildren:

Steinhardts with their children and grandchildren:

5th grade at Eggleston Elementary: Deena Humphrey, Phyllis DeVeary, Barbara Lane, and Patsy Disch

Summer Fun 1957: Shirley Barnes, Becky Lomax, Barbara Kendall, Billie Jane Kindoll, and June Disch

Party at the Disches around 1953: Manfred Braun, Lynette Graham, Terry Craig and Jackie Thurman

Twins (see cutline below photo)

The 7th Grade Boys’ Basketball Team: Back Row: Coach Carl Strohm, Frank Taff, Ellis Moore, Hank Bentz, Larry Humes, Broklyn Cull, Dave Meese and Don McKay. Front Row: George McAtee, Kenny Harrell, Marvin Reul, Jeff Hanson, Jack Taylor and Tony Waters.

In front of the Brown Gym: Diane Demaree, Phyllis DeVeary, Brenda Wilkerson, Karen Jones and Jeanne Patrick

Friends: Jeanne Patrick, Diane Clapham, Brenda Wilkerson, Norma Still, Karen Orr and Phyllis DeVeary

Friends on the Playground: On the Teeter Totter: Norma Still, Patty Young and Phyllis DeVeary; On the Slide: Brenda Wilkerson, Karen Orr and Jeanne Patrick

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls Club: Diane Demaree and Phyllis DeVeary.

Diane Demaree and Phyllis DeVeary pin corsages.

Friends: Brenda Wilkerson and friends joke around.

Miss Dogpatch, Patty Young

Hanging Out: Boone Lodge, Frank Taff and George McAtee

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