Our Teachers from MCHS

You can’t have a class reunion website without recognizing our teachers, coaches and staff. Some of these people may have made a big difference in your life while some may have had an influence on the decisions you made back then and today.

If you want to share any stories with your classmates about our MCHS faculty, please enter them in the comments at the bottom of the page or write on the “school wall” at Let’s Talk. (All initial comments must be approved by the webmaster before posting to prevent spam, so they may not post right away.)

Jack Baker

General Math, Earth Science
Arthur Buckles

Algebra, Geometry
Betty Buckles

Psychology, History, English
Bill Freeman

Shop Math, Mechanical Drawing
Ione Willis

Spanish, English
Nathan Wilson

Latin, Math
Paul Denson

Chemistry, Physics
Mary Eisenhardt

Physical Education
Virginia Ernst

Typing, General Business
Carroll Hamilton

Louise Hooker

English, Civics
Wilma Jones

Home Economics
Charles Manaugh

Flora Manaugh

Commercial Math, Algebra
Paul Meyer

Woodworking, Auto Mechanics, General Shop, Metals
Mildred Moore

English, Latin
Grant Mount

General Science, Biology
Ed Orrill

Physical Education
David A. Remley

Journalism, English
George V. Reul

Civics, History
Jennie A. Reul

Business Machines, Shorthand
Jean Rider

Bud Ritter

Health, Driver's Training
Harold Rothert

Band, Choral Club
Mildred Wood

Franklin Walker

Farm Shop
Erma Wingham

English, Speech
Jack Whitlock

Donna Wheeler

Bookkeeping, Shorthand
H.B. Cull

World History, English
Sherry Cook


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